Fun Food Friday AND Superbowl Sunday

Happy Monday! This week on Friday not only can you pick up a delicious ready to go meal but grab some chili for your gang for Superbowl Sunday.  All this weeks offerings can easily be made to accommodate gluten free eating.

The offerings for this week are as follows…
French Onion Soup, slow roasted onions in veal broth with cheesy garlic toast-8
Salade Nicoise d’Hiver, a winter take on a classic french salad. What would normally be green beans (currently Mexican, blech) and fresh tomatoes (not that great right now) are replaced with roasted tomatoes and marinated white beans. Also comes with the traditional seared rare albacore tuna, boiled egg, potato, bacon, olives and greens- 16
Creme Caramel- 6
As for the chili… The best! made with beef and pork, an assortment of beans, loads of veggies and spices. Comes with the fixings… cheese, green onions, and sour cream. And of course garlic bread. Pick up on Friday, and take Sunday easy. Just heat and eat! -$15
As usual pick ups at the kitchen in the James Bay United Church. 511 Michigan St. around the back and down the stairs. Orders in by Thursday morning please via phone, email or Facebook. Alternative pick up times and deliveries can be arranged. Look forward to feeding you this week.

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