A Taste of Morocco

Happy Monday to you all,

This is the last week before Christmas (on which there will not be a meal). ┬áHere are your offerings for Fun Food Friday…
Moroccan Chicken Tagine, with sun dried apricots, kale and couscous-$15/pp
Zaalouk, Moroccan eggplant “salad”, served with crusty baguette-$5/pp
Rice Pudding, spiced with orange blossom water, almonds and pistschio. served with crispy phyllo-$6/pp
Also don’t forget to order your tourtiere for Christmas eve. All orders must be in by Thursday am at the latest.
As always, pickups are between 4:30 and 6:00pm on Friday at my kitchen in the back of the James Bay United Church. 511 Michigan St. All orders must be in by email, phone or Facebook no later than Thursday morning. Delivery can be arranged within Greater Victoria for a fee.  Have a great week everyone and see you Friday.
Anna, 250-885-5616


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